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For Sellers

Eagle River Team, LLC is committed to offering the highest standards of professional service to all of our customers and clients. In order to earn your confidence that your property is marketed to the fullest potential and receive the highest value, the following procedures will be completed in a timely and efficient manner:

  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (opinion of value) to establish fair market value.
  • Prepare and sign listing contact.
  • Enter your listing in 2 Multiple Listing Services.
  • Provide a complimentary staging consultation.
  • Placing a “FOR SALE” sign on the property.
  • Advertise in the media.
  • List property information on our website.
  • Phone all known potential buyers with details of your listing.
  • Arrange showings for other agents.
  • Contact you with verbal progress reports.
  • Review all marketing activities with you.
  • Present and review all offers on your property.
  • Negotiate all offers on your behalf.
  • Finalize the sales contract.
  • Confirm that all contingencies in the sale contract are completed on time.
  • Help finalize all closing arranemments.
  • Attend closing with you.

For Buyers

Why choose Eagle River Team, LLC? At Eagle River Team we listen to your
lifestyle needs and find a property that fits your needs. We are committed to
providing professional and ethical customer service.

  • Provide a confidential meeting with you to discuss your property needs.
  • Search 2 multiple listing services.
  • Search for “for sale by owner” properties.
  • Arrange a personal tour of any agencies listing.
  • Finalize your purchase contract.
  • Confirm that all contingencies in the purchase contract are completed
    on time.
  • Help finalize closing arrangements.
  • Attend closing with you.